Top 10 cafeteria delicacies

May 3, 2024 — by Bryan Zhao
Graphic by Amy Miao
Some foods garner positive attention, and some garner negative attention.
Om nom nom very scrumptious.

Editor’s Note: The following ranking is an individual writer’s opinion and is not reflective of the opinion of the whole Saratoga Falcon staff. 

10. Chicken Alfredo Pasta

It seems to me that this is one meal that’s always left after arriving late to the lunch line and is still somehow cold even after being under the heat lamps. I do not recommend it.

9. Breakfast Bowl

I’ve found this dish to be a greasy traditional breakfast that is 90% potatoes and 2% bacon. Warning, get a bottle of water ready if you don’t want to clog up your arteries!

8. Buffalo Chicken Wrap

I get it that many students don’t eat spicy food, but I think the name is misleading if there isn’t any Buffalo Sauce. Also, it’s not a great idea to pair a piece of cold soggy tortilla with sour, salty and spicy chicken.

7. Parfait

If you aren’t feeling like having savory food or the club you are going to has pizza that day, this is a good option to take. 

6. Burgers + Curly Fries

I’ve found the burger to be a solid meal. But the fries are lacking since half the fries, the non-curly ones almost are always soggy and require you to get more ketchup packets. The cafeteria should just keep the curly fries.

5. Curry Chicken + Yellow Rice

The rice is the fakest thing and uses food dye. Aside from that, the chicken has some good curry sauce and flavor to pair with the “rice.”

4. Chicken Caesar Salad

It needs more croutons but overall a light healthy meal with plenty of protein. My main criticism: the chicken pieces could be smaller.

3. Square Pizza

The number of genuine ingredients they put on it makes me believe in humanity again. If it was just slightly bigger it would be my pick for No. 1. Quick tip, remember to choose carefully to make sure you don’t get the ones with the crust comprising 95% of the entire pizza.

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Tomato Soup

With this, you get both something dry to eat and a soup, which makes this deal 2x in value. 

1.  The one and only orange chicken noodle 

This amazing combination of ultra-sugary, plastic-rubbery, flavorless and textureless chicken is what I go to school for every day!

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