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Robotics team wins top two awards, qualifies for regionals

March 4, 2021 — by Andy Chen and Kaasha Minocha

Just a few days before MSET First Tech Challenge (FTC) team 6165 Cuttlefish participated in their second qualifier competition on Feb. 13, senior Riya Jain, the team’s hardware lead, worked with her team to meticulously test each individual...

Anticipating state mandate, social studies department adds ethnic studies course option for freshmen

February 21, 2021 — by Shreya Rallabandi and Lihi Shoshani

2021 AP exams will return to full-length in both online and paper versions

February 21, 2021 — by Alekhya Vadlakonda

Math club hosts decorated Carnegie Mellon professor

February 2, 2021 — by Howard Shu

Struggling to survive: Local establishments contend with decreased business while lucky few see increase in customers

January 29, 2021 — by Selina Chen


School should open new P.E. credit opportunities

March 1, 2021 — by Andy Chen

While rising juniors and seniors have traditionally counted on joining sports like track and cross country to help meet the school’s mandated four semesters of P.E. credits needed to graduate, the coronavirus has prevented many from doing so...

Americans are dying as the government looks on

February 13, 2021 — by Atrey Desai

Parents should be guides, not field generals, in college admissions process

February 13, 2021 — by Viraaj Reddi

Truth be told, shy sophomore not sure she wants to go back to regular school

February 7, 2021 — by Anjali Pai

Leave students and their Snapchat F-bombs alone

February 4, 2021 — by Esther Luan


For coaches, the return of sports has been a long journey

March 1, 2021 — by Christina Chang and Minsui Tang

Decade in review: a look back at our favorite sports moments

February 23, 2021 — by Jonathan Li and Nitya Marimuthu


Top ten letters of the English alphabet

March 1, 2021 — by Justin Guo and Allison Hartley


Mischief Mania: A day my dad will always remember

March 4, 2021 — by Kaasha Minocha

TikTok-themed picnic goes awry

March 4, 2021 — by Justin Guo and Amanda Zhu

‘Less’ is a literary ride I wasn’t expecting

February 25, 2021 — by Samantha Yee

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