About The Saratoga Falcon

The Saratoga Falcon print and online editions are published by the two Advanced Journalism newspaper classes of Saratoga High School, 20300 Herriman Ave., Saratoga, CA 95070. Reporters and editors can be reached by sending an email to firstname.lastname@saratogafalcon.org

2022-23 Falcon Staff:

Adviser: Michael Tyler

Editors-in-Chief: Christina Chang, Nidhi Mathihalli, Shaan Sridhar, Carolyn Wang

Associate Editors: Hannah Lee, Stephanie Sun

News Editors: Jason Cheng, Atrey Desai

Opinion Editors: Avani Kongetira, Shannon Ma, Nilay Mishra, Arnav Swamy

Sports Editors: Andrew Lin, Nikhil Mathihalli, Howard Shu, Martin Xu

School Scope Editors: Sanjoli Gupta, Victoria Hu, Aiden Ye, Sarah Zhou

Entertainment Editors: Sam Bai, Kavya Patel, Jonathan Si, Daniel Wu

In-Depth Editors: Lynn Dai, Jonny Luo, Tara Natarajan, Sarah Thomas

Lifestyles Editors: Annie Liu, Anjali Pai, Minsui Tang, Ariel Zhou

Backpage Editors: Chris Chen, Zach Zinman

Head Copy Editors: Mitchell Chen, George Huang, Saachi Jain, Victoria Lin, Anthony Wang, Beverly Xu

Social Managers:Lena Aribi, Shreya Rallabandi

Web Managers: Vinay Gollamudi, Alex Kan

Business Managers: Meher Bhatnagar, Anika Kapasi

Photography Managers: Natalie Chua, Emma Fung, Will Norwood, Allison Tan

Graphics Managers: Anamika Anand, Leyna Chan, Eric Shi

Reporters/Artists: Sunny Cao, George Hu, Anirudh Iyer, Nicole Lee, Derek Liang, Amy Luo, Neal Malhotra, Parav Manney, Skyler Mao, Divya Vadlakonda, Michelle Wan, Isabelle Wang, Kathy Wang, Kevin Yang, Zack Zhang, Maggie Zheng, Andy Zhu


Takedowns and Content Changes

Once a story is published, the Saratoga Falcon’s general policy is to not change or remove any content (including quotes, names and information) due to requests from outside sources. Before publication, editors and other staff members have worked to ensure the validity, newsworthiness and ethics of publishing each piece. For these reasons, the Editors will not take down past articles except in extraordinary circumstances. The Editors will respond to each request and determine action. Content will only change if it is found to be false, libelous, dangerous or insensitive. If a story is altered, we will make it clear to the readers what edits were made.


The Falcon is committed to providing accurate and reliable news and information to our readers. We understand that mistakes can happen, and we take any error seriously. If we become aware of a factual error, we will correct it as soon as possible by updating the online story and will prominently display and label the correction in the story itself. The Falcon believes transparency and accountability are essential to the building and maintaining trust with our readers, and encourages readers to report any corrections to the Editors-in-Chief.

Letters to the Editor

The Falcon encourages readers to submit Letters to the Editor on any topic of their interest, including in response to Falcon stories. All readers are permitted to send Letters to the Editor by emailing a draft version of the story to the Editors-in-Chief. The Falcon reserves the right to decline letters and edit letters for length, clarity and grammar. Letters cannot be returned and become the sole property of The Falcon upon submission.


The Falcon is a great place to reach the school and local community. 1,300 copies of each print edition are printed and distributed to Saratoga High students and faculty, and over 600 community members are subscribed to the weekly newsletter. Please contact the Business Managers about advertising in either the print edition or online weekly newsletter.