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The Quiz Bowl team competes at the California Classic on Feb. 17

It’s time to eliminate more ‘ghost clubs’

Alan Cai and Florence Hu June 3, 2024

 The school has historically boasted a robust club community featuring student groups with a variety of different interests and hobbies. For many students, participation in clubs is more than a chance...

ChatGPT usage has skyrocketed, and with it, false accusations

Accusations of AI cheating can be based on deeply flawed evidence

Agastya Vitaldevara May 29, 2024

Junior Karthik Sangameswaran lives, loves and breathes history. Walking into a Blue Day tutorial in Jerry Sheehy’s AP European History and World History classroom, Sangameswaran can often be seen...

After being drained from studying, state testing provides a recharge.

State testing provides a good break from junior year

Derek Liang May 22, 2024

Starting in 5th grade, California public school students take their first state tests and repeat them in 8th grade and 11th grade. Like many other students, I enjoyed state testing as a kid and always...

Trump listens to Doug Burgum, one of the top contenders for his vice president.

Trump’s vice president strategy: Money talks louder than politics 

Christina Labban and Ruiyan Zhu May 21, 2024

As Donald Trump emerged in March as victor of the Republican primaries, supporters and opponents alike have directed their attention to his vacant vice president position, which, worryingly, appears to...

The immense piles of emails we get from the district each week.

Too many district emails muddle the efficiency of communication

William Norwood May 21, 2024

At the start of summer 2022, when superintendent Bill Sanderson took over the job, he talked to groups of local residents who requested the district needed to improve its communication and transparency...

Face-off between Pro-Palestinan protests at New York’s Columbia University.

Universities go too far in crackdowns on protests

William Norwood May 21, 2024

Over the past few months, student protests on college campuses have pushed for colleges to divest their investments in Israeli companies and for change to U.S. policies regarding its closest traditional...

On April 18, the Deputy Ambassador of the US Robert Wood vetoed a resolution that would have recognized Palestine as a full UN member state.

Permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council: a catastrophic failure

Skyler Mao and Bryan Zhao May 19, 2024

Starting on Oct. 18, 2023, and until recently on April 18 of this year, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have vetoed 6 resolutions regarding the Israel-Hamas Conflict....

Trump is currently under trial for his inciting comments when on Jan. 6, 2021, a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the capitol building.

Prohibiting Trump from running would set a dangerous precedent for future elections

Agastya Vitaldevara May 17, 2024

A battle recently occurred between the courts and former president Donald Trump that sought to keep him off the ballot for the 2024 election. The courts of Maine, Massachusetts and Colorado alleged that...

Temu’s graphic for their slogan “Shop Like a Billionaire.”

Temu: a controversial site that lives up to its hype

Grace Lin May 17, 2024

Watching the 2024 Super Bowl commercials, my family members and I were all captivated by Temu’s advertisement, showcasing an app that lets customers “Shop Like a Billionaire” due to its insanely...

The tension of banning TikTok in the U.S. rises again since Trump’s last attempt four years ago.

Despite politicians’ actions to ban TikTok, eradicating would come with costs

Zack Zhang May 15, 2024

Open a new YouTube account for the first time, and you will likely see your recommended page full of high-profile content. These selections often end up being big, successful channels with millions of...

Assortments of college ranking list with factors such as acceptance rate, major, ranking and cost.

While flawed, college ranking systems remain necessary tools for constructing college lists

William Cao and Nikhil Mathihalli May 15, 2024

With over 5,999 college options in the U.S., seniors face a daunting array of possible directions; merely choosing colleges which to apply to can feel like navigating a maze in the cornfields, blindfolded.  From...

After spending the last nine months working, take some time this summer for yourself to relax with your friends.

Summer vacation should be just that — a vacation

Caitlin Stoiber May 15, 2024

The bell rings for the final time of the fifth-grade school year. A herd of kids stream out of Argonaut Elementary teacher Amy Roper’s class and onto the playground. Like all last days, this one’s...

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