Teachers reach 3-year agreement with district

January 21, 2022 — by Christina Chang and Martin Xu
Teachers will receive a 5% raise for three consecutive years.

Following continuous efforts to rally for higher pay in the fall,  the members of the District Teachers Association (DTA) came to an agreement with LGSUHSD in December. 

The agreement entailed a 5% raise for three consecutive years for a total of 15%, along with improvements to dental and vision healthcare plans. 

The chief negotiator representing SHS and Los Gatos teachers was Marcy Cooper, a teacher at Los Gatos High School, while the chief negotiator for the district was associate superintendent Carrie Bosco.

Teachers said their salaries hadn’t increased enough in recent years, didn’t come close to matching inflation and fell far short compared to other local districts like Santa Clara and Mountain View-Los Altos.

While most teachers voted in favor of the agreement, roughly a third voted against it because it fell short of keeping up with 6-7 percent annual inflation. Among them was history teacher Mike Davey.

“We didn’t get the average raise we wanted, even though it’s not the fault of our negotiators,” Davey said. “The district played hardball and the district won. I’m really disappointed.”

For her part, Bosco said this was the largest total raise provided in the district at any time and is much larger than those granted by most other local districts in recent years. 

“This recognizes the skill and dedication of our staff and keeps our total compensation highly competitive in the area,” Bosco said.

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