Spirit week promotes holiday fervor

December 17, 2022 — by Anirudh Iyer
With this past December spirit week being the last one of the first semester, the holiday spirit is really kicking in now.

Spirit commissioners called the spirit week that concluded on Dec. 8 an overall success even though the first night rally was sparsely attended.

The week began with Holiday Pajama Day on Monday. Students showed up to school wearing creative pajamas inspired by December themes. The winners for most unique outfits, unanimously decided by the spirit commission, were sophomores Ryan Backhus and Rylee Stanton.

Sophomores and seniors wore ski clothing as a part of their “cold front” theme, while juniors and freshman wore Hawaiian shirts in accordance with the “heat waves” theme on Tuesday. The winners were seniors Jenna English, Hannah Haug and Maisy Norwood.

Wednesday featured an Accessories Day, where students wore hats, mufflers and other more “minor” clothing items. Sophomore Natalie Zaragoza won the event with a vibrant combination of holiday hats, necklaces and wristbands.

The spirit week concluded on Thursday with Holiday Sweater Day, where students donned their most spirited holiday sweaters. Freshman Patrick Keogh was the week’s final winner.

Students were decked out in their class colors on Friday, and the week  was capped off with a night rally that attracted far fewer students than a typical tutorial rally.  With games such as dodgeball, tag and a three-point shooting contest on display, competition was more than healthy. The rally also included a spirited performance of Maroon 5 classic “Sunday Morning” from budding student band Peach Fuzz. 

“This spirit week definitely had a lot more participation than the last one,” Chawla said. “I feel like people liked the themes more and gravitated toward demonstrating their school pride.”

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