Letter to the Editor: Nobody Owns Parking Spots

May 3, 2024 — by Ryan Heshmati
Junior Ryan Heshmati
Junior Ryan Heshmati
Junior Ryan Heshmati responds to an article about juniors parking in the "senior" parking lot.

Editor’s Note: Ryan Heshmati wrote the following Letter to the Editor in response to “Juniors, stop parking in the senior lot!” by Kavya Patel. According to assistant principal Matt Torrens, Heshmati is correct in stating that there is no official distinction between the “senior” and “junior” parking lots. However, the 100-word rant was a parody on the situation and included deliberate exaggeration that was not meant to be taken literally.

Generally, I am not one for conflict, but reading a direct attack on my parking in the Falcon demanded a response.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in my car after parking at school when THUD! My car shakes. I look behind me and an orange Jeep car door has slammed into my rear. I promptly get out to examine the damage. I let the driver know that I do not have time to fully account for the damage so I will let them know if there is needed repair. I went off to class.

Recently, I opened the Saratoga Falcon to read an article from the perspective of the perpetrator of this incident. Ironically, a photo of their reckless parking is attached to the article which provides insight into who was culpable when my car was hit. Among many bizarre assertions in the piece, the author warns “Don’t get mad at me for hitting your car. Next time, I’ll total it.” 

Beyond the clear absurdity in directing anger at the victim of reckless parking and door-opening on the part of the driver (how is it my fault that you hit my car?), the entire piece demands juniors not park in what is described as the “senior lot.” I have news for this driver, there is not a senior lot. Juniors pay the same amount for the same permit for the same parking privileges. 

If I wake up earlier, making a more responsible decision, in order to obtain a more preferable spot, why should I give it up for a reason as arbitrary as my grade level? While I recognize this piece may get my car keyed, I choose not to live in fear of those who threaten to total my vehicle and instead champion the parking freedoms of all juniors.

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