Juniors, stop parking in the senior lot! 

April 18, 2024 — by Kavya Patel
Courtesy of Toga Bad Parking
Leaving the school from the back of the senior parking lot is something I should never have to do.
This is meant to be taken as a joke.

Editor’s Note: This story was modified following publication to clarify its tone.

Imagine waking up on time, finding a bunch of open spots in the senior lot and finally getting to snag one in the first row. As you go to open your door, it lightly taps the car next to you. Within a mere three seconds, someone you don’t recognize jumps out of the car, asking where your door hit their car, telling you they know where to find you, just so that they can “charge” you for a scratch that simply doesn’t exist. 

Walking away embarrassed to AP Statistics, you realize that the reason you don’t recognize the student is because they’re a JUNIOR. As someone who routinely parked in the junior lot during junior year, receiving multiple Treasure Togas because the 5 minute walk to AP Calculus and AP Biology every day was so difficult to make before the bell rang, I seethe at the thought of juniors taking the easy way out and parking their cars where they don’t belong — especially in the first and second row. Despite junior year being a hellscape, I never considered parking even remotely close to the senior lot.

If you’re a junior and running extra late, it’s OK to park in the third row. But until you’re officially a senior, to the back of the lot you go.

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