100-word rant: What do people see in MacBooks anyway?

September 29, 2023 — by Alec Guan
Graphic by Amy Miao
The average overheating Macbook is good for frying eggs for breakfast.
Apple’s Macbooks are clearly inferior to any Windows laptop at half the price — so why do people even use them?

There’s an infestation of Mac users. 

While there are other quality laptops on the market (ahem, Windows), somehow people choose the most expensive and least efficient option. MacBooks can cost upwards of $2,000, which is insane when you consider that a $2,600 Macbook Pro performs worse than a Windows laptop half its price in terms of both CPU and graphics card power. Mac users can’t even plug in a mouse without having to buy a $20 dongle. Talk about a money-making scheme! 

The list of problems with Macs just goes on. Macs cannot run .Exe files, which make installing applications the quick work of clicking a single button. Also, many games that are functional on Windows, like Skyrim, cannot run on Macs. Windows computers, on the other hand, allow for all kinds of downloads.

Unless people like watching pages take a millennia to load or enjoy using their overheating laptops as heaters during winter, I don’t understand why Mac users deal with these ridiculous issues on a daily basis. Just use Windows.

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