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The wind can be bothersome in autumn and winter.

100-word rant: I like the doors closed in classrooms

Parav Manney October 3, 2023

One of the key purposes of a room is to keep the humans in it insulated from the outside elements. If, however, someone decided to blow a hole in the wall of a room you're occupying, admitting cold drafts...

The average overheating Macbook is good for frying eggs for breakfast.

100-word rant: What do people see in MacBooks anyway?

Alec Guan September 29, 2023

There’s an infestation of Mac users.  While there are other quality laptops on the market (ahem, Windows), somehow people choose the most expensive and least efficient option. MacBooks can cost...

Students do not bond over useless facts during introduction games.

100-word rant: Teachers, please stop with the introduction games

Skyler Mao September 11, 2023

Introduction games are utterly useless. Every teacher seems to have the irresistible urge for icebreaker activities on the first day of school: whether that be sharing a “fun fact,” or even worse,...

A student bears the brunt of an A.C. system set far too close to their face.

100-word rant: Classroom temperatures do not represent me or the majority of other students

Jex Sammael Popov September 7, 2023

It's unfortunately common to step out from a classroom with a cool, refreshing breeze right into the humid, fiery hell pit of your next period classroom.  To combat disagreements between students...

The crows especially enjoy delicacies such as pepperoni pizza.

100-word rant: Dear crows, please stop stealing my lunch

Daniel Wu August 31, 2023

As a picky eater with food allergies, most school lunch options are simply off limits to me. Instead, my mother usually leaves my sack lunch  at school by placing it with the many other lunches on...

The dryers are not only slow, but spread germs.

100-word rant: Restrooms should provide paper towels, not just dryers 

Parav Manney May 17, 2023

After I finish washing my hands in one of the restrooms at school, I just want a simple and quick way to dry them off. What I get instead is a motion-activated dryer that takes its precious time to charge...

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