100-word rant: Dear crows, please stop stealing my lunch

August 31, 2023 — by Daniel Wu
Graphic by Eric Shi
The crows especially enjoy delicacies such as pepperoni pizza.
Voracious birds leave me going to my afternoon classes on an empty stomach

As a picky eater with food allergies, most school lunch options are simply off limits to me. Instead, my mother usually leaves my sack lunch  at school by placing it with the many other lunches on an unassuming beige table near the school entrance.

On one occasion, as I approached the table during lunch, I quickly noticed that a brown paper lunch bag had been torn wide open, with the remains of what appeared to have once been a sandwich messily strewn across the table.

It soon became apparent that this revolting mess was my lunch. Who, I wondered, would commit such a crime? As I glanced around curiously, I spotted a crow standing on a nearby ledge with bits of lettuce clinging to its beak.

Initially, I was skeptical as to whether a crow could infiltrate a sealed paper bag, remove the sandwich wrapping and then wreak havoc on my lunch. However, the distinctive holes which dotted my once delicious sandwich pointed to no other possible culprit than the crow.

Sadly, this same situation has happened multiple times. 

While I laud the crows for displaying such ingenuity and cunning, I would much rather be able to attend my afternoon classes without a rumbling stomach. In the meantime, I’ll be shopping on Amazon for a crow-proof lunch box. 

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