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Meninism as backlash to radical feminism

So apparently now it’s entertainment when misogynists get together on social media and demand women pay for dinner, mock domestic violence, body shame people and denigrate women and feminism in the name of equality.

This is exactly what is happening with the hashtag “meninism” on sites such as Twitter and Tumblr. As backlash to feminism, meninism has arisen as some kind of champion for men’s rights. Meninists degrade women, shaming them with posts like, “Ladies, the next time a guy has the guts to talk to [you], remember that he’s not wearing makeup. Also remember what you look like without it.”

Their audacity knows no bounds, and it is impossible to see how it could be construed as humor.

For example, one Twitter user ridiculed domestic violence,  saying “If a female say[s] she ain’t seen my text, then she ain’t gonna see these uppercuts too.”

To their credit, sometimes these men make points that could objectively be considered valid when they talk about the double standards between men and women. They’re right — women should treat men to a dinner once in a while, and men definitely don’t have to pay on every date.

And if the body type of women doesn’t have any effect on how good of a partner they are, then neither should the body type of a man. What these meninists don’t realize is that this is exactly what feminists are fighting for.

It is true that the portrayal of feminism by some women has been bent out of shape so badly that it is hardly recognizable. Many people — both men and women — are terrified of supporting the feminist movement because they don’t want to be seen as “man-hating.” Meninism is a reaction to this radical version of feminism.  

These perceptions of feminism fail to capture the true essence of what the movement is about. Feminism fights for gender equality, not just for women’s rights. The name comes from the fact that women have been seen as inferior to men for a long time, and the evidence is everywhere. Even today, in private corporations women make only about 80 percent the money men can make in similar jobs, simply because of their gender.

Lately, though, our society has taken steps to reduce the gaps between men and women. Actresses like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have been praised for their acceptance of their plus-sized bodies, which is especially great because large men in the same industry, like Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, have been popular for a long time.

If these men are truly offended by the double standard, the proper course of action would be to work with feminists instead of against them.

If they are just posting things to attract some attention, though, then they really just need to grow up. Let’s give our attention to movements that actually deserve it.

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