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This or That?-Jennifer Jin’s View

James Potter vs. Severus Snape

James is popular, good-looking not to mention a super quidditch star, traits that make him an automatic win. Plus he is the father of the hero, Harry Potter.

Yes, James was mean to Snape, but Snape was also mean to James. Also, remember that James was a teenage boy, and like many teenage boys, they liked to tease others and be immature. In the end, Lily married James, which shows that he had matured a bit.

Even though James hated Snape, James still saved Snape from being ripped to shreds by Lupin in is werewolf form.

Additionally, Snape was a Death Eater, working for the evil Voldermort. The only reason that he switched sides was for Lily; he didn’t care if anyone else died, as long as she didn’t. And even though Snape loved her, he still called her a mudblood.
What cold-hearted person would use such an offending word?

Telepathy vs. Invisibility

Even if you may outwardly deny it, you know you want to read other people’s thoughts; you can listen to other people gossiping (maybe your best friend is hiding something from you). Telepathy also means you can communicate with others without needing to verbally express yourself. Why bother speaking when it wastes energy?

You can gossip about that new guy who just moved here and how hot he is. Without telepathy, if he overheard you, it would be pretty embarrassing.

If you’re not interested in hot guys or what goes on behind your back, then you can always have fun by scaring your friends. What’s more fun than creeping out your friends by saying what they’re thinking?
Yes, I admit that invisibility is a cool power, but there’s not much too it. The only thing that invisibility really helps to do is sneaking around, but ninjas do that already. They even have awesome fighting skills, something that invisibility can’t do.

Halloween vs. Christmas

Christmas—the season of giving. However, why would you bother exchanging gifts during Christmas if you had to give some back? Instead, you can celebrate Halloween since you can just take, take and take; there’s no need to give something in return.
If you get self conscious about all the candy you ate in one sitting, don’t fret. Think about all the calories you burned by walking around! Even if you don’t like candy, you can still go trick-or-treating and donate the candy to charity for a good cause. If you really don’t want to go trick or treating, then just attend a party—you can drink all the soda and eat all the candy you want without having to go outside.
Keep in mind, Halloween parties are much different from uncomfortable Christmas celebrations. You’re not forced to go to awkward family reunions, where your relatives interrogate you about your love life. There are never any family parties during Halloween, so it’s guaranteed that there will be no awkward questions.

Princeton Review vs. Barron’s

Although everyone hates the SAT for the ridiculous amount of stress it gives, SAT prep books are often given a warm welcome. One brand, The Princeton Review, is far more superior than the rest. The Princeton Review is often known for it’s tips and tricks on for excelling on the tests. Because the writing style is more casual, like a friend giving advice, it is easier and more comfortable to read. Although it stresses less on material (like Barron’s) and more on guessing, it’s not to say that it doesn’t have a information section. The practice tests are also modeled very well after the actual tests, so people can get a good feel for questions.
Barron’s prep books are often harder to understand and gives you obscure and unnecessary information. Remember quality over quantity–it’s not about which book has more information, but which has richer information.

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