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The dramatic difference in body type between Ursula and Ariel indirectly villainizes certain “undesirable” features.

Disney dysmorphia: How a beloved childhood franchise instills unrealistic beauty standards and gender bias

Shirina Cao and Emily Wu March 21, 2024

Sifting through hangers in her friend’s walk-in closet, sophomore Esha Verma and her friend — who were both elementary schoolers at the time — remember gazing at the row of extravagant traditional...

Contrary to Asha and Valentino’s reactions, we were not at all impressed by ‘Wish’, which had nothing new to offer.  

Underwhelming ‘Wish’ reveals problem with traditional Disney formula

Amelia Chang and Annika Gho January 9, 2024

Disney’s “Wish” marks the studio’s 100th anniversary, serving as a culmination of its works in its century of existence. It seemed to be a big deal, and as such, many fans hoped it would be their...

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