Yikes, look away: Students reminisce and regret Old Navy outfits

January 22, 2020 — by Kaasha Minocha

The trendiest styles today will end up being the tackiest outfits in the future.

During my early years of elementary school, modeling my cheetah print patterned leggings with a pink shirt on top or walking with my friends in my “sleigh all day” graphic tee from Old Navy was a distinct memory that I will, unfortunately, never forget. 

Old Navy, a store that mainly sells basic clothing essentials, had some products that I now wish I hadn’t bought in the first place. 

Looking back, I cringe every time I see a photo of myself wearing Old Navy shirts with embarrassing phrases such as “sleepover VIP,” and wonder how I ever thought wearing these clothes was cool. 

Fortunately, I’m not alone. For many high school girls, remembering their wardrobes from elementary and early middle school years is a mortifying experience.

Though Old Navy’s products have great prices, their majorly out-of-style clothing, including patterned leggings, cliched written tees and brightly colored pajamas, evoke nothing but regret.    

“In fifth grade, I bought a two-piece swimsuit, and it was neon green with plant prints on it,” sophomore Elaine Liu said. “I thought it was super cute, but now that I look back at the pictures I took in it, I think I was overconfident in my fashion sense.” 

Sophomore Kavya Narayan also relied on Old Navy for most of her clothing until she was 10.

“I always thought I looked so cool in my fresh fits,” Narayan said. “Once, I bought this white hoodie with neon flowers on it, and it was an eyesore to look at.”

Though several are opposed to shopping at Old Navy, for children growing up, the store is still a popular “go-to” as the quality and variety is excellent. Many still consider several of their looks “cool,” but certain styles they wear now, might have a negative impact when they look back in the years to come. 

A decade ago, wearing patterned leggings with a skirt on top from Old Navy was a major trend for elementary school girls, but that style soon went out of fashion. 

However, Narayan believes that wearing a skirt with leggings can still look stylish if paired right. 

“For example, if you pair tights with a denim skirt, it could definitely work,” Narayan said. “But the way I wore it back then, with my floral print leggings and matching skirts, was extremely cringey and not a good look at all.”

Over the years, outfits will constantly go through the process of being trendy and then becoming outdated. Even though I wish I could go back in time to fix some of the outfits I wore as they did not mesh well together at all, it’s important to realize that the styles people are currently wearing may only end up becoming some of the tackiest outfits in the future. 

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