Yearbook distribution delayed due to publishing messup

May 27, 2009 — by Girish Swaminath

The distribution of Saratoga High’s award-winning yearbook, The Talisman, was delayed past its scheduled release date of May 27 due to a major error on the part of the printer, Walsworth Publishing Company.

When more than 1,200 books arrived at the school on May 21, yearbook editors Shawn Cho, Sonali Dujari and Stacy Ku saw that eight content pages had not been printed, including half of the football spread, half the field hockey spread and others.

Although the yearbook staff was not very happy about the situation, yearbook adviser Mike Tyler was particularly disappointed to hear about this huge missprint.

“It was hugely disappointing that [the yearbook staff] spent hours working on the book and that they had a poor result,” said Tyler. “It was not [the yearbook staff’s] fault at all. Somebody in the yearbook plant at Missouri did not do their job correctly.”

Walsworth is extremely apologetic about the whole situation and has agreed to reprint the book. The new date for distribution is scheduled for June 3.

In addition, all seniors will receive free autograph pages in advance, so that they can start signing books.

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