Wrestling welcomes new athletes following numerous graduations

January 3, 2022 — by Mitchell Chen
Photo by Mina Yeap
Teamwork is key as a new team starts this season

Head Coach: Taylor Wilson 

Last year’s record: 0-1

Recap: Due to COVID-19, few athletes could attend meets; low participation resulted in losses for the team in the late-spring season.

Key Additions: Freshmen Rebecca Bossow and Solbee Lee, sophomores Stephan Murphy and Ishan Attawar

Key Matchups: Gunn, Milpitas

Star Players: Juniors Sohum Bhan and Irene Frazier, sophomores Gabe Ho and Justin Jiang

Key losses to graduation: Karan Vazirani, Trevor Green, Xander Kim

League: El Camino League


Due to COVID-19 concerns and conflicts with other sports seasons, like basketball and baseball, the wrestling team was unable to fill all weight classes last spring during their COVID-19 delaye season, forcing them to forfeit the majority of their matches. Exacerbating the team’s low participation, seven seniors, including star wrestlers Trevor Green, Karan Vazirani and Xander Kim, graduated, leaving few returning athletes. 

Junior Sohum Bhan was initially worried about low participation, fearing a repeat of last year’s forfeited season. His anxiousness soon turned to pleasant surprise: Over 10 new faces — a majority of the team — have joined the wrestling program this year. 

“When the seniors graduated, there were only about four of us left, but this year, I’m really glad there’s at least 10 people on the mat at any given time,” Bhan said. 

Head coach Taylor Wilson is focusing on ensuring that new athletes fall in love with the sport, rather than emphasizing results. With the team’s first tournament coming up on Dec. 4 at Half Moon Bay, the team is working together to ensure that everyone knows the fundamentals. 

“Even though I just started, I really enjoy wrestling, and hopefully next year I can get some of my friends to join too,” sophomore Ishaan Attawar said.  

Wilson wants the team to support each other, emphasizing teamwork among athletes.

“The results of this season really depend on the team,” Wilson said. “It’s not my team; it’s their team.”

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