Why I’ve given up on school cookies

May 12, 2022 — by Jonny Luo
Photo by Jonny Lou
This cookie felt and tasted like a stale Chips Ahoy! cookie.
For $1.75, I expect more 

When I bite into a chocolate chip cookie, especially one I paid $1.75 for, I expect it to have all the qualities that make them great: a chewy, melted chocolate chip interior with a crunchy exterior that synergize into the most legendary of snacks. I expect them to be delicious, delightful, delectable and finger-licking good. 

What I typically get from the cafeteria, however, leaves me wishing I had saved my $1.75. Don’t get me wrong. Cafeteria cookies sometimes taste amazing, but more often they are brittle and taste like cardboard sprinkled with sugar and chocolate.  If only cafeteria cookies would taste great every time, the cookie connoisseur in me would be happy to fork over $1.75 every time.

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