Voorhees’ treasured top

February 12, 2019 — by Oliver Ye

Toy top serves as reminder that fun can be achieved without electronics

On one of her bookshelves, Spanish teacher Sarah Voorhees keeps a small toy, nestled between gifts that she has received, including a clay skull and a wooden train. It is a small, wooden, handmade top that spins when you pull on the shoelace attached to it.

“If there’s nothing in the way it will spin forever and ever,” explained Voorhees. “It just makes me so happy because the kids [in Mexico] play with this kind of stuff for a really long time and not on their phones.”

The top was given to her by her “host papa” when she attended the school trip to Cuernavaca around three years ago.

Voorhees especially appreciates that children in Mexico are not so “obsessed with their phones” as other children in other parts of the world.  

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