Upperclassmen share study techniques for finals week

December 18, 2017 — by Ava Hooman and Esha Lakhotia

Juniors and seniors share some of the their favorite ways to study.

For students, December means warm thoughts on celebrating the holiday season but also the dreaded finals season. With six or seven classes that require finals, it’s hard for students to find time to relax.

With finals and projects piling up, students need to find efficient ways to study without having to spend hours hitting the books. Especially to juniors and seniors, who have to juggle school work, SATs and college apps, time is very valuable.

With experience from freshman and sophomore year, juniors and seniors have developed studying techniques to make finals week a little bit easier.

“I study for an hour each night two weeks before the finals week and make my study guides early on in the month so I can keep refreshing my brain with the material,” senior Sahm Rafati said.

While some make study guides, others devote their time to creating flashcards and quiz themselves daily.

“I use an app called Quizlet to make online notecards for my English and history classes,” junior Isabella Taylor said. “I can quiz myself virtually anywhere on my phone.”

Another technique students use to efficiently study for finals is meeting up with friends and explaining concepts. Juniors Divya Aggarwal and Veda Jammula recall discussing chemistry processes and formulas last year to help strengthen their understanding of the concepts.

“I have learned throughout the years to start studying much earlier and the tips I have learned from others and myself have steadily improved my test results,” Taylor said

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