Unpopular Opinions: Spotify isn’t all that great

September 20, 2018 — by Justin Guo

Review on Spotify Music

“Want a break from the ads?”

So says the Spotify message and, yes, that would be nice. Sure, I’d even watch a 30-second video if I don’t have to keep hearing advertisements about various auto parts.

Yet as “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County finishes, I’m hit with another wave of ads, this time about converting to Premium for only $9.99 a month.

Look, I already knew I was broke. Stop rubbing it in.

Also, why is the mobile platform so much worse than the computer version? If the point of Premium is to allow users to pick their songs, then why let them do that on the computer platform for free?

Dealing with Spotify is so frustrating that I’ve resorted to downloading music directly to my phone. It’s easy, not that time-consuming, and guess what?

No ads.