Unpopular Opinions: Sleep is for the Weak

September 20, 2018 — by Amanda Zhu

Stendent describes how sleep effects her day-to-day life

“I’m going to sleep before 12.”

“I’m going to sleep before 2.”

“I’m going to sleep.”

Sleeping is overrated.

My performance on tests when I am running on too little  sleep and too much caffeine has shown me that sacrificing a few hours of sleep to study drastically improves my grades because at least I know the material well. Missing some sleep for a night isn’t the end of the world — naps and weekends are our saviors. After all, fatigue is temporary, but GPA is permanent!

Many parents and students are under the impression that sleep improves memory and performance, when in reality, sleeping for 10 hours can make people — myself included — feel more disoriented and tired than if they had slept for four. Not only does sleeping for 10 hours make me even more groggy, but it wastes precious time that I could have spent on something else.

Maybe I’ll sleep for eight hours tonight, maybe I’ll sleep for five. Who knows? Other than eye bags, there’s little difference for me.

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