Tutorial center to undergo changes

January 27, 2009 — by Girish Swaminath and Uma Sambasivam

In an effort to boost attendance, the Tutorial Center has switched both its location and increased its hours.

As a result, academic help has become more avaiable than the original schedule from last semester, when the center was open during lunch three days a week. Now, assistance is available for students during seventh period and after school.

“We are changing times and will be open three days after school for the benefit of the students,” said coordinator Sharon Barrett. “Second semester last year, the PTSO and guidance wanted to try something different and moved the timings to lunch. [But now], they decided to switch back to the previous [schedule].”

In addition, the Tutorial Center moved from the history office in the 300 wing to the College and Career Center to encourage students to come in more frequently for academic help.

Coordinators in charge of the Tutorial Center hope to improve the organization of the Tutorial Center and believe that the changes made in the system will provide more effective help for the students.

“It’s been really quiet this year, because most people like to do homework after school rather than lunch,” said Barrett. “It wasn’t very well-coordinated [either].”

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