Trump’s dangerous morals may rub off on us

February 9, 2017 — by Alex Yang

The implications of Trump on our youth are grim

With the election of Donald Trump president, our country has elevated him not only to be the political leader, but also be a role model for millions of impressionable youth.

Growing up, I always admired President Obama, not because I normally agreed with his executive decisions, but because of the way he conducted himself and treated other people.

So now the question stands: How will a Trump presidency affect our country’s younger generation?

We must first look at the countless instances in which Trump has been recorded either through tape or on a social network insulting someone he is at odds with. To me, Trump doesn’t even care what political party affiliation his critics have; no matter what, he carries childish grudges against those who challenge him.

Although many Americans have been saying over and over again to at least give Trump a chance, I think it’s time we came together and agreed that in less than a month into his presidency, his administration has done more damage to the country’s image than Obama did throughout his two four-year terms.

It is puzzling to imagine what kind of impression Trump has been giving to the American youth by signing an executive order that quite blatantly attacks several majority Muslim countries, of which, conveniently enough, none are affiliated with Trump’s family business.

He’s telling our younger generation loud and clear that it’s OK to be selfish and racist as long as you don’t take any damage yourself.

Although recent years have been controversial in regards to the issue of race in the U.S., there has never been such a forceful and calculated move to ban a large a large percentage of one single ethnic group from entering a country that, supposedly, is a global melting pot.

What Trump has done goes against every single moral value that is taught to children in primary school, and if he doesn’t at least try to be a bit subtle about it, it signals that young people should act in discriminatory ways. By creating travel and immigration restrictions on several Muslim-majority nations, Trump is instilling the idea that some nations are good, while others are inherently evil.

If we don’t try to put the necessary blocks in place to do damage control over the next four years, actual damage could be done to the long-term moral fiber of the nation.

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