Track sprints home stetch

June 7, 2010 — by Denise Lin and Aanchal Mohan

After qualifying at CCS trials, freshman Melodie Bellegarda and sophomore Ailene Nguyen hoped to continue on their winning streak into CCS finals.

Bellegarda placed fifth out of eight competitors at the CCS trial in the 400m.

“I just really wanted to run my race and get another [personal record],” said Bellegarda, whose current personal record is 57.58 seconds.

Bellegarda, who has proved herself to be a front runner, has had an amazing season running the 200, 400 4×1 and the 4×4. In fact Bellegarda has been one of the top point contributers for the team along with Nguyen.

Nguyen, who qualified for CCS and state last year in the triple jump, qualified this year for the long jump with the hope of placing in the top six, which would land her a spot on the podium. She also hoped to break her personal record of 17 feet 10 inches. Although she sprained one of her ankles twice this year and felt that she needed to improve on her landing, she believed that hard work would pull her through.

In the face of the final round, one step from the podium, Nguyen and Bellegarda hoped that they would emerge victorious once again.

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