January 30, 2019 — by Jeffrey Xu

Cross items off your bucket list that have sat there for years.

10. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend: You probably haven’t had much time for a relationship, but Valentine’s Day is coming up …

9. Eat out every day: Might as well drain your parents’ bank accounts while you still can. Homework can wait until the day it’s due!

8. Sleep: Perhaps it’s time to do a science experiment and see if life is better on nine hours of nightly ZZZs.

7. Come to school ON TIME: hahahahhahahaha

6. Spend quality time with your friends: Your days of hanging out are numbered.

5. Flex on the underclassmen: They still have to worry about maintaining high grades!

4. Play Brawl Stars: Join the Battle!

3. Start watching anime: It’s never too late to become a weeb! What else are you supposed to do with all this extra time?

2. Stress out over college admissions: It won’t make a difference now, but you can’t really help it.

1. Spend 34,883 hours scrolling and deciphering initials: The saratoga hs confessions page is a double-edged sword.

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