Top ten things to do during the power outage

October 30, 2019 — by Edwin Chen and Michael Wong

Top ten things do when you don't have power

10. Stock up on dry shampoo; apologize in advance to classmates who have to bear that greasy hair

9. Go solar. PG&E’s not going to fix this anytime soon. 

8. Eat everything in your fridge; it’s not indulgent, just sensible at this point

7. Test our all your fun flashlight gadgets; the strobe function is always painful to look at

6. Watch Los Gatos kids enjoy their day off; the only time the Cats triumph >:(

5. Visit Mr. Torrens at the student center; you can hear him skrrt skrrt ya dig?

4. Use big brain energy to turn on the lights; self-explanatory

3. Walk into a ghost town; it’s actually sick if you’ve never tried it before

2. Go take a shower in the pitch black darkness; drown away all your sorrows in fashion

1. Curse PG&E; break up their monopoly and free our people of this nonsense

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