Top Ten reasons to go to the Street Dance “Taste of Saratoga”

September 9, 2008 — by Sulmaan Hassan and Ben Clement

10. It ends conveniently at 6.
So you can still make Bingo at the community center.

9. Good opportunity to meet other people.
Be careful, though, old people are fragile.

8. The really good food stalls.
Who doesn’t like overpriced prune whip and Gerber’s mashed potatoes?

7. Drop the kids off!
Daycare hours are from 10 am – 6 pm.

6. It’s always more fun showing up drunk.
Wine always tastes better at 8 in the morning.

5. The live entertainment.
We swear they’re popular in Uruguay!

4. Pick the restaurant you want to eat at.
Wait… Never mind, they all open at 7 pm.

3. The hot girls.
If you can find any under 60.

2. All your friends are going.
What? It ends at 6? Forget that.

1. You’ll be the first to get there.
And the only one to get there.

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