Top ten letters of the English alphabet

March 1, 2021 — by Justin Guo and Allison Hartley

Yes, some letters are actually better than others.


10. Z. zz…wait, what were we doing again?

9. f. Please feel free to drop one in the metaphorical but sometimes literal chat to pay respects. 

8. u. know what they say,

7. W. you win some,

6. L. you lose some.

5. k. Singly, k inspires fear. In a pair, we recognize friendly affirmation. In threes … abhorrent.   

4. a. Spamming a string of a’s is the modern way of expressing exasperation over text.

3. x. A symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing letter. Usually complemented with its companion letter, d. 

2. e. It’s the most used letter in English. Also, it’s another letter often that’s brainlessly spammed online.

1. ?