Top 10: worst spirit day themes

March 16, 2023 — by Minsui Tang and Sarah Zhou
Courtesy of Spirit Commission
Holiday Pajama Day was good, but we’re still waiting for it to be great.
Spirit Commission is in its flop era.

10. Anything but a Backpack day

SO UNORIGINAL. They took their time getting to it too — by the time they announced it, it had already finished running its course on TikTok.

9. Date Night vs. Movie Night day

What even is the difference?

8. Football Fridays

Just because we live in America doesn’t mean the entire school must revolve around football; after all, we’re not exactly the Alabama of high school football.

7. Favorite Teacher Dress-up day

Your favorite teacher is not guaranteed to write you that recommendation letter just because you mocked — sorry, appreciated — their fashion.

6. Adam Sandler day

Frankly, we did not see a difference between the outfits students wore that day and the ones they wore every other day.

5. Halloween Costume Bash

Spirit Commission: we know you’re above leeching off a holiday to get people to dress up 😒. If you’re ever stuck on ideas, try ChatGPT.

4. Heat Waves vs. Cold Front day

This wouldn’t have been such a bad theme if it wasn’t 20 degrees outside that day.

3. Hoodie or Jersey Swap day

We can’t be the only ones who didn’t enjoy watching guys try to fit into dance team uniforms. We just know a lot of seams ripped that day.

2. Rally class color days
Seeing this as the finale to cap off the themes for spirit week is like expecting an iPad and getting an eye pad. Bonus points for when they don’t include a list of the class colors in the announcement post.

1. The entirety of the December holiday theme package

Holiday pajamas, accessories and sweater days. We would have gone in a different direction.

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