Top 10 ways to spend your quarantined summer

May 21, 2020 — by Andy Chen and Justin Guo

Your summer plans may be canceled, but your fun doesn’t have to be

10. Work on your dating profile. What’s going to stop you, a pandemic?

9. Learn how to play an instrument. Then you can play “Happy Birthday” at your friend’s Zoom party.

8. Learn cooking or baking. Also, try getting your parents to eat your Adobe brick muffins.

7. Read a book. No, not SparkNotes, either.

6. Meditate. Meditation soothes active minds … Oh wait, that’s not applicable here.

5. Take a walk. …to the kitchen, and back, that is. 

4. Learn to speak a new language. Ulitumia mtafsiri kusoma hii, sivyo?

3. Become a SoundCloud rapper. You can put your English 11 Honors poetry skills to use. 

2. Bond with your webcam’s FBI agent. Why not make friends while staring aimlessly at your computer? 

1. Spend time with your grandfather. Help him pick up 60-dozen jars worth of quartz and 12 black pans worth of valuable onyx jewels.