Top 10 ways for a guy to get a prom date

March 24, 2009 — by Ben Clement and Sulmaan Hassan

10. Make her an adorable sign and surprise her,
you pathetic excuse for a man.

9. Have her best friend ask her because you’re too afraid…
Girly man.

8. Ask her over Facebook/text/IM.
Just like a middle-schooler.

7. Ask her mom if you can take her daughter.
It’s good to know you look up to Napoleon Dynamite

6. Sneak into her room and “surprise” her

5. Tell her you love her, and pretend you do
until the day after.

4. Decorate her car.
She’ll probably say no after she flips out.

3. Buy her a diamond necklace.
You’re in trouble if she says no.

2. Guilt trip
Just like a girl would do.

1. Forget it, you’re too ugly.

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