Top 10 ways 2020 can get worse

August 27, 2020 — by Andy Chen

Believe me, it can.

10. Zoom goes boom again. This time, during your online lab final.

9. You step on a lego. Never lucky.

8. Pope Francis announces all baptisms will use hand sanitizer instead of water.

7. Boba is banned. The U.S. deems it a national security threat from China. 

6. An asteroid impact occurs. With all the heat waves, wildfires and lightning going on, it can’t be that much worse.

5. TikTok doesn’t get banned. 

4. Halloween is canceled. The only way to get candy is from strangers in nondescript white vans.

3. Your date to formal ditches you. Their wifi cut out.

2. Keanu Reeves turns out to be an anti-masker. “You’re breathtaking” has a whole new meaning.

1. Your vision deteriorates. See ya, 20/20.

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