Top 10: Things that happened when Santa came down the chimney

December 21, 2022 — by Mitchell Chen
Photo by Annie Liu
I hope Santa won’t realize his missing elf!
From broken roofs to Christmas, love, Santa definitely spread joy at my house this year!
  1. Seeing my name on the “Good” List

While my friends can brag how much coal they got this year, I will be swimming in all my presents!

  1. Getting everything I wanted for Christmas

Usually I only get one or two things for Christmas, but this year Santa gave me all 200 items I wished for — including Stephen Curry’s mouthguard. 

  1. Eating Christmas cookies

I ate the magic Christmas cookies that Santa brought all the way from the North Pole. It’s true — Mrs. Claus is indeed a very good baker.

  1. Hugs! 

Warm hugs from Santa are always the best!

  1. Being able to pet reindeer

Petting Rudolph was a lifelong dream of mine.

  1. Getting extra whipped cream in my hot cocoa

Santa was super excited to meet me, so he put extra whipped cream in my hot cocoa.

  1. Jingle bells on my Christmas tree

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way … I finally got the special bell that no one else can hear but me. 

  1. Parents going into shock

My Mommy and Daddy fainted on the spot so I guess … NO RULES! Staying up all night drinking chocolate syrup, lighting fireworks and building a snowman in my room — the best Christmas ever!

  1. Santa not sticking the landing

Mrs. Claus has definitely been feeding Santa a bit too much lately. He could barely fit in my chimney. 

  1. Kidnapping one of his elves 

Quickly shoving Winky the Elf into my closet, I now have my own personal toy maker. Maybe next year I’ll take another one and start my own toy factory. 


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