Top 10 things to do over winter break

December 13, 2020 — by Michael Wong
Photo by Michael Wong

In case you ever run out of ideas, here’s a couple classic ones.

10) Read a book: Balance out the screen time with some personal reading. It’s supposed to help memory and language skills as well.

9) Get ready for next semester: Okay, most of you will wait until the Sunday before, and most of you won’t even do it. But with another semester beginning online, it’s good to clean out the workspace and keep a good learning environment.

8) Learn a new hobby: Ever wanted to cook your favorite dish? Ever wanted to tailor your own clothes? Ever wanted to become a professional lock picker? Whatever hobbies you may have, this is as good of a time as ever.

7) Write: Any last-minute college application writers?

6) Delete TikTok: Here’s a good article from Falcon reporter Edwin Chen on why it’s a terrible app. Trump almost accomplished deleting it, but it looks like there needs to be some initiative in getting rid of the unfunny, time-wasting addiction.

5) Staying safe: Yes, there are promising vaccines on the horizon. No, we’re currently caught up in the largest spike of coronavirus cases since the pandemic started.

4) Watch sports: With the last two weeks of the NFL, the start of the NBA season and a number of NCAA bowl games, this break should be never short of sports to watch.

3) Rewatch Christmas movies: There’s a Disney reboot of “Home Alone” that’s coming up, perhaps next Christmas. But now is the perfect time to rewatch the original movies before the staple comedy inevitably gets ruined.

2) Exercise: Ever heard of Freshman 15? It’s when kids going to college gain 15 pounds because they exercise less and eat whatever they want. One year in and COVID 19 is becoming a real story.

1) Spend time with your family: After all, what are the holidays really about?

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