Top 10 things to do after COVID-19

January 26, 2021 — by Andy Chen and Justin Guo

Top 10

10. Go to the gym. No, like, for real this time.

9. Go to the movies. Yes, I simply cannot wait to spend another $20 for popcorn and drinks.

8. Attempt awkward handshakes. Bonus points if you miss.

7. Eat dine-in foods. However, waiters will now be able to spit in your food.

6. Go to a Warriors game. Now you can watch Kelly Oubre Jr. miss 3’s in person.

5. Shop for new clothes. Unfortunately, you can’t turn your camera off in real life.

4. Throw your mask in the trash. (This post was made by the anti-maskers gang)

3. Play more League of Legends. Who cares that we can go outside now? The grind doesn’t stop.

2. Hang out with other human beings. Sorry, introverts.

1. Attend in-person school. Right. Almost forgot about that one.