Top 10: slang words

September 29, 2022 — by Natalie Chua
Photo by Leyna Chan
A typical representation of Gen Z with swag.
How to sound cool and fit in with the popular kids.
  1. Dandy

No one uses it anymore. Plus, just saying it makes you sound like a Texan.  

  1. Ok Boomer

It makes you sound like an obnoxious TikToker. Plus, it was only popular back in November 2019; get with the trends, people.

  1. Low-key

What does this even mean anymore?

  1. Slay

Confusing. People turned a word for brutal murder into something positive.

  1. Flex

An excellent way to tell others you are better than them.

  1. You’re trash

Great way to express your feelings to someone. Do not let teachers hear you say this phrase though.    

  1. Hella

It rolls off your tongue easily and fits in with every sentence. That giraffe is hella tall. I’m hella smart. Air is hella tasty.

  1. What up

Easy phrase on top of everyone’s mind when greeting close friends.  

  1. Bruh 

Spam this word if you are disappointed or frustrated at someone or yourself.

  1. Bussin  

The only word you should use when you go to a 3-star Michelin restaurant. 

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