Top 10 most embarrassing things that happen on vacation

March 31, 2022 — by Kavya Patel and Sarah Thomas
Photo by Kavya Patel
Here is your guide of what not to do when traveling
  1. Having to wear family t-shirts

Imagine walking around the streets of New York with a cult of people that look remotely alike, all wearing shirts with your family photos.


  1. Call a stranger ‘mom’

The only thing worse than accidentally calling a stranger “mom” is the puzzled face that the stranger makes when they turn around.


  1. Order something you don’t want to eat because you don’t understand the language

When one of us saw “pulpo,” we thought they meant a very chunky, pulpy tomato sauce on pasta, and boy, were we wrong. We got an octopus instead. 


  1. Falling asleep on the beach with no sunscreen on.

You go to the beach looking for a golden tan, and leave looking like Clifford. 

  1. Accidentally destroying hotel property

When one of us was 6, we decided to push these huge metal balls in the middle of the hotel that we thought were glued to the ground — we almost got our family kicked out of the resort. 


  1. Getting your belongings stolen because you’re a clueless tourist

We wonder how the thief in Barcelona reacted when they opened a bag of ours only to find keychains and an empty wallet from Justice. Now that’s justice!


  1. Seeing someone you know on vacation

Imagine strolling the streets of Italy to find a fellow classmate at the same gelato place as you, hiding behind their dad, hoping you didn’t notice them. 


  1. Being awkward in front of a waiter

There’s nothing worse than responding with “you too” to the waiter when they tell you to enjoy your meal.


  1. Ordering room service and getting in trouble with your parents

When the lemonade got to the room and one of our parents asked who ordered it, we blamed it on a much younger sister and 0buried the guilt deep in our heart.

  • Breaking a souvenir in a souvenir shop.

One of our parents had to pay $8 after we dropped a shot glass, leading to banishment for life in all similar stores.

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