TOP 10 list: the best of the past decade

January 17, 2020 — by Esther Luan and Tiffany Wang

Counting down the best moments from each year of the decade

2010: Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh yeah

2011: California: where’s my water

   weather: no

   Swampy the alligator: yes

2012: THE WORLD IS ENDING!! oh wait jk

2013: What does the fox say? ring-din-din-din-dindindindinding

2014: Ice Bucket Challenge: ALS awareness through hypothermia

2015: Black and blue or white and gold? BLACK AND BLUE OR WHITE AND GOLD? (hint: black and blue)

2016:  #justiceforharambe #RIPharambe #wemissyouharambe

2017: When the whole world was obsessed with glue

2018: nobody: 

  Yodeling kid: ooOooOOhH aaaAAaAaa

2019: The world do be melting doe 

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