Top 10 isms

November 9, 2022 — by Victoria Lin
Photo by Sam Bai
From Talisman to Journalism: the best “ism” definitions you’ve ever heard.
  1. Talisman

An object that contains magical powers. Also the name of the Saratoga High yearbook.

  1. Criticism

Disapproval from others that is guaranteed to lower your self-esteem.

  1. Feudalism

With one promise of protection, a landlord can have peasants and their descendants working under them forever.

  1. Fascism 

Not even a real government, but it lasted longer than your average Hollywood marriage.

  1. Sadism
    People who are happy when they see others suffer. Maybe like you when you wish for your classmates to fail, even when there isn’t a curve.
  2. Cubism

Picasso made it famous. 

  1. Communism 

A society where everything is equally distributed such as housing, pay and hopefully grades. 

  1. Colonialism 

When a king sends people from one land to another land. It worked for America (but only when they rejected the king). 

  1. ISM 

Institute for Supply Management: the oldest and largest supply management association in the world. 

  1. Journalism

A profession where people distribute news through broadcast, photos, graphics and writing. Or more importantly, a class where a group of high schoolers write for the Saratoga Falcon.


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