Top 10: bombastic side-eye moments

April 27, 2023 — by Minsui Tang and Sarah Zhou
Graphic by Minsui Tang
We have also mastered the eyebrow raise that is a must to accompany the side eye.
Some of these are just “blank stare” worthy

10. When someone you barely know requests your private Instagram account.

PLEASE save your dignity. Have some social relevancy online if not in person …

9. When someone texts you “Lol,” “Lel,” “Lolzies” or any form of laughing that is not in all caps.

We physically convulsed.

8. When someone says to “stop saying ‘side eye’” and “actually do it.”

Oh, did you come up with that idea all by yourself? How original!

7. When someone stands up just to burp in class.

Shoutout to all the J-room boys! Yearbies — it’s not food being consumed that’s producing the vile smell, it’s the scent of food on its way out.

6. When you get added to the ‘close friends story’ of someone you barely know or hate.

There’s no coming back from this …

5. When they call you an ‘NPC’ for doing literally anything.

Sorry for having more than just one acronym in our vocabulary.

4. When someone says they’re “not mad, just disappointed.”

Manipulative behavior alert!

3. When anyone utters a single word regarding college apps or summer programs. 

Keep your smile!

2. When people complain about getting violated in your posts but ALSO complain when they don’t receive a feature.

You know who you are.

1. When THAT person opens their mouth in class.

Please be quiet, some of us are trying to sleep here. Yes — it’s exactly who you’re thinking about. It’s so bad we can’t even bear typing their name out.

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