Top 10: actors to play assistant principal Matt Torrens

October 5, 2022 — by Sarah Thomas
Photo by Sarah Thomas
Assistant principal Matt Torrens’ ticket to Hollywood (one way!)
Though HBO hasn’t picked up my school drama series pitch yet, this list will most certainly be helpful once they do.

10. Adam Sandler

Not many actors can portray assistant principal Matt Torrens’ incredible style and positive attitude — but Sandler might come close.

9. Tom Cruise

Cruise’s recent success with “Top Gun: Maverick” paired with his charisma will definitely bring large audiences to see Torrens on the big screen.

8. Channing Tatum

This might be a controversial pick, but I believe Tatum’s boyish charm could elevate Torrens to the next level.

7. Ryan Reynolds

Reynold’s versatility shines through in many of his roles, and he shares many commendable characteristics with Torrens.

6. Steve Carrell

Carrell’s comedic timing and versatility as an actor are just what’s needed to portray Torren’s impeccable sense of humor.

5. Hugh Dancy

In case they decide to reinvent Torrens as British, I’m confident Dancy could pull it off.

4. Tom Hanks

Although Hanks might be a little old for this role, seeing him drive around in a golf cart would definitely be entertaining.

3. Bradley Cooper

If Cooper gets cast as Torrens, “Saratoga High: the movie” could become a musical!

2. Christian Bale

To fight crime on campus and run Treasure Toga, Bale’s success in playing a superhero and billionaire is necessary.

1. Nicholas Cage

Although many actors on this list are talented at acting, only Cage is a true doppelganger of Torrens. Using highly classified face scanning technology, the Falcon’s investigative department found Cage and Torrens to be 85% similar, a shockingly high number.

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