Teachers begin Homecoming

October 21, 2014 — by Spring Ma and Eileen Toh

Staff members kicked off Homecoming Week with an impressive Quad Day at lunch on Oct. 20.

Staff members kicked off Homecoming Week with an impressive Quad Day at lunch on Oct. 20. Despite rainy conditions, the performance entertained students with a skit starring teachers such as science teacher Kirk Davis and math teacher Meghan Pickett. 

This year, the Homecoming Commission decided to bring back Teacher Quad Day from 2011 to fill the usual empty Monday lunch.

“We thought that Teacher Quad Day would be a great way for teachers to get involved with Homecoming festivities as well,” head Homecoming Commissioner Julianne Lau said. “It’s always a lot of fun to see your teacher get goofy sometimes, too.”

The performance was coordinated by teachers Kim Anzalone and Hana Chen, who choreographed and wrote the script respectively. Most practices were held during lunch in Anzalone’s room.

The Quad Day featured four dances based on popular TV shows such as “Sunday Night Football,” “Suits,” “Game of Thrones” and “Modern Family,” correlating with this year’s theme “TOGA ON TV.”

Each dance incorporated its show’s theme song, since Anzalone intended for an “eclectic mix” that incorporated “recognizable music for [the students’] generation.”

Anzalone said this year was more successful because more staff participated. The practices were filled with carefree laughter and allowed teachers to form unforgettable bonds.

“I am so proud [that] some of these teachers that are really shy outside of the classroom went the extra mile to put themselves out there and be potentially embarrassed in front of their students,” Anzalone said. “That, to me, is everything.”

At the beginning of lunch, Homecoming Court was announced. The princes and princesses are as follows: freshmen Avni Madhani and Roland Shen, sophomores Spring Ma and Steve Lai and juniors Katie McLaughlin and Luke Salin.

Lastly, these senior couples are nominees to be crowned Homecoming king and queen: seniors Jade Bisht and Anish Srinivasan; Adrienne Kim and Joey Medeiros; and Josh Pi and Tia Jones.

The king and queen will be announced on Oct. 24 at the Homecoming football game.

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