The Tea Zone and Fruit Bar impresses with trendy glass pitchers

October 22, 2014 — by Spring Ma

Reporter reviews The Tea Zone and Fruit Bar, a cafe located on S. Winchester Blvd in West San Jose. 

The Tea Zone and Fruit Bar, located on S. Winchester Blvd in West San Jose, was the second stop on our three-course “YOLO” buffet. Although located on the side of a busy street, the cafe is cozy and welcoming, furnished with colorful seating and festive Halloween decor.

When I entered the cafe my biggest concern was not how full I was, but rather what to order from the endless menu. Ten flavors of four different options: milk tea, snow bubbles (cold smoothies) and iced tea lined the chalkboard in front of me. Eventually, I chose the Passionfruit Mango Strawberry snow bubble for $3.50 and was pleasantly surprised.

The drink arrived in a large glass mason jar, which, let’s be honest, made it 300 times worthier of being photographed. It was even adorned with mint leaves and slices of fruit, which added a pop of color to the peach colored drink: any instagram foodie’s dream.

The drink itself was also refreshingly tangy and the boba at the bottom was delightfully chewy.

Countless drink shops sell smoothies, but none have smoothies complemented with pretty toppings that come in mason jars. The next time you find yourself in San Jose, make sure to stop by The Tea Zone and Fruit Bar for some Instagram-worthy photos; there is a 10/10 chance you will make your friends jealous.

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