Sunright Tea Studio: Costly and out of the way, but great boba

March 18, 2021 — by Apurva Chakravarthy and Anjali Nuggehalli

The efficient ordering process and getting to try drinks we had never tried before made this experience very enjoyable.


On one beautiful Wednesday afternoon, we decided to try the new boba place Sunright Tea Studio in Cupertino. This chain already had many popular locations in California, so we took on the daunting assignment of testing whether the drinks met the high praise we heard.

The drive should have taken us around 15 minutes, but considering the fact that 1.) Apurva can’t drive on the highway and 2.) Anjali can’t navigate to save her life, we ended up arriving at the store 35 minutes later.

The ordering process was quick and efficient. After waiting in a short line, we were able to order by ourselves on a tablet with a full menu. While self-ordering was a unique experience, it was a lot more time-consuming than verbally saying our order. Selecting just four drinks took around five minutes, but we still appreciated the COVID-safe system. 

Before paying, we put in a phone number on the tablet so they could text us when our drinks were ready. We then waited inside our car until the drinks were made, which took around five minutes. 

The menu is impressively extensive, and there were lots of toppings and changes we could choose from, from red bean to fresh taro. 

For non-dairy drinkers, do not fear! Every drink can be made with oat milk for $50 cents more. There are also 12 different toppings to choose from, but we decided to stick with boba and lychee jelly.

We ended up ordering three drinks: the Sunright boba milk tea with lychee jelly ($4.65), the Panda milk tea with boba ($4.65) and the Strawberry Matcha Latte with boba ($4.95).

Every drink came out perfectly with the right amount of sweetness and boba. Even at 100 percent sweetness, no drink was overwhelmingly sweet, and the boba was a perfect texture between soft and hard. 

Although we were a little apprehensive about trying the Strawberry Matcha Latte, it ended up being our favorite drink. We recommend asking for light ice in your order to maintain the refreshing taste of the drink.

While the drinks were not cheap, Sunright Tea Studio offered good value for its combination of  ambiance and quality. 

In the end, we rated this experience a 5 out of 5 Falcons! If you are craving some refreshing boba, make sure you actually know where you are going. Then head on over to Sunright Tea Studio for a refreshing splurge.



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