Students put on benefit concert

June 1, 2009 — by Kavya Nagarajan

Four music students are preparing a benefit concert scheduled to occur next fall. Juniors Cindy Chang, Kevin Hsu, Annie Ting and Claire Chu have been working to put together a show they hope will occur in the McAfee Center on Sept. 3.

Currently, only the four organizers are scheduled to perform; however, they are hoping to feature other students in the concert. The lineup right now includes a piano trio, a string quartet, a duet and some solo pieces. Although the program appears to focus on classical music, organizers are hoping to incorporate a variety of music styles.

“We’ve always thought music was a gift and, looking around us, we’ve realized just how lucky we are to be able to play our instruments and share music with other people,” said junior Cindy Chang.

The concert was arranged in hope of a way to “document our achievements on our instruments, and to use it as an opportunity to give back to our community,” according to Chang.

The benefactor for the concert still hasn’t been chosen, but Chang says a decision will be made soon. Money may go to the SHS music department or possibly even to victims of the Australian Wildfires. ◆