Students placed on waitlist as prom tickets sell out

April 22, 2024 — by Nika Svizhenko
The theme for the 2024 prom is “The Princess and the Frog”.
 This year’s prom venue’s limited capacity caused the maximum number of tickets to sell out quickly.

This year’s prom tickets sold out on April 18, almost three weeks after the tickets became available for sale on April 1. Upperclassmen still interested in purchasing tickets received an email with a link allowing them to be put on a waitlist for tickets.

As of April 22, 30 students were on the waitlist. According to assistant principal and activities director Kristen Cunningham, the administration is “giving seniors first priority, then juniors, then guests.” No ticket transfers are anticipated as of April 22, according to Cunningham.

Cunningham noted that the administration and senior class office expected tickets to sell out due to the limited venue capacity on the cruise, the San Francisco Hornblower. She noted that the 488 tickets available is not enough for all 294 juniors and 286 seniors to purchase a ticket if they want to go.

“There has been much praise and excitement for the location from students,” Cunningham said. “It sold out so quickly this year because, as we knew the capacity was limited, we sent out frequent reminders to students and families.”

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