Students and staff profit from new ATM machine

October 28, 2009 — by Alicia Lee

Anyone walking around the guidance area of the main office will now notice a new ATM machine resting against the wall. The ATM machine was just installed at the end of September and has proven to be popular.

“We just figured it’s a real pain [to not have a machine on campus],” said principal’s secretary Susan Dini. In particular, it proved difficult when students need money but could not leave campus to go to the bank.

Now with the easy access to the ATM machine, teachers benefit as well. If they forget money, they can head to the office to get money for lunch.

As a new installation to the office, the school does not need to worry about the upkeep, which the company, ATM Concepts, handles.

“The company does it all,” said Dini. “They give us a little bit of money off of the machine and the rest of it they take care of [by putting money in and servicing the machine].”