A spirited school is a better school

November 28, 2010 — by Dylan Jew

No one would have guessed that so many students would attend a football game, let alone participate in chants and celebrations.

Saratoga High has a reputation for almost no spirit and too much academic focus. While the latter may still be true, this year is proving that Saratoga can be just as spirited as other schools.

The football game against Los Gatos is a great example of this. There was a great turnout, unlike most sporting events, where the only people supporting the team are the parents of the players. The crowd cheered enthusiastically the whole game and even stormed the field after the final whistle blew following the historic victory.

The Los Gatos game is the symbol of this year. The overall spirit on campus has stepped up from past years. Events like this game have dissolved petty differences like classes and cliques to bring the entire school together.

Spirit days, such as dressing up for Halloween and wearing class colors on rallies, have seen increased participation as well. Instead of only having that one person with spirit wearing a class T-shirt, it seems as if a majority of the class are now displaying their red pride.

Homecoming was another success. Since there were so many people helping their classes, each grade had impressive Homecoming decorations. Overall, the quad days were well organized and included lots of students. The Homecoming dance had an exceptionally large amount of guests this year with about 800 students attending. Homecoming was a perfect start to this spirited year.

The increase in school spirit has made school events more exciting and fun. The newfound enthusiasm to attend the events will get more people to come and make the events even better. The atmosphere at school and games has been transformed by this wave of spirit.

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