Sophomore continues excelling in golf

September 26, 2012 — by Michelle Leung

A sophomore is the No. 2 player on the girls' golf team.

   As a freshman, sophomore Vivian Roan had already golfed her way to as high as the third best spot on the girls’ golf team. This year, she has advanced to No. 2 player, behind senior Samika Kumar.
Roan began golfing at age 5 under the instruction of her dad. Until the beginning of her freshman year, Roan’s golfing career consisted mainly of friendly matches with him.
   “He mentors me a lot,” Roan said. “He gives me a lot of tips when I’m playing.”
Roan describes her dad as a tough mentor in the sport. He doesn’t tolerate incompetent golf scores and insists that she fix each faulty swing. However, his strictness also provides the best motivation for improving her playing and her scores.
   “I like beating my dad,” Roan said. “I play better when I’m with him, because he corrects [mistakes].”
   According to her teammates and coach, Roan is not an outspoken player, but contributes to the team through her encouragement and example.
   “She’s very quiet sometimes,” junior Zabrina Chang said. “But she’s really supportive of us and she’s a really good golf player.”
Roan attends outside golfing classes once a week and practices daily. She hopes to improve her scores by five strokes a year. Roan also wants to eventually be the team’s top player.
   According to Roan, her main obstacle is herself.
   “It’s mostly mentality, because I don’t trust myself,” Roan said. “I know what I’m supposed to do, but I can’t do it. Like the ball going out because I’m not hitting it well. My coach says I have the skills, I just need to learn how to use them.”
   According to coach Dave Gragnola, Roan is a successful golfer because of her competitiveness and understanding of the sport. She pushes herself to match up against more skilled players.
Gragnola said Roan’s games against older girls from other schools and her qualification for the finals at last year’s CCS were performances to be proud of.
   Golf is a complex and formal sport, with many involved rules such as being silent while others swing and avoiding the path in front of other golf balls. Roan’s comprehension of such proper golfing etiquette also contributes to her success.
   “She understands how to play the game,” Gragnola said. “She knows how you’re supposed to act on the golf course.”
Of last season’s achievements, Roan is most proud of her improved scores.
   “My biggest accomplishment last year was probably playing in the CCS finals,” Roan said. “I didn’t pass, because my score wasn’t good enough, but it was still [a personal best] for me.”
   Gragnola described Roan as likeable, sweet and soft-spoken.
   “Everything she does is high quality,” Gragnola said, adding, “Next year, and as a senior [two years later], I can see her being one of the  best in the league.”
   Members of the girls’ golf team said that Roan’s most outstanding quality is her perseverance.
   “She’s probably the one who practiced the most of all of us throughout the year and the summer,” Chang said.
   The team has remained undefeated so far, defeating Leland most recently on Sept. 16 with a final score of 259-264. The team also won on Sept. 12 against Evergreen with a final score of 252-278, and on Sept. 10 against both Homestead and Lynbrook, with a total score of 254. In their first victory this year against Monta Vista on Sept. 4, they scored a 198.

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